The Arête Lifelab is the Future of Longevity Biotuning

Arête is dedicated to unraveling what you think you know about human performance— mapping new pathways to find your higher self.

By rewiring your understanding of health and Longevity, we lead your on a journey into new frontiers, discover the true facets of your abilities, and ascend to your best self.


Lifelab biotuning studios are outfitted with a variety of therapies, fitness methods. and cutting edge modalities that accelerate results and recovery in less time than conventional approaches.


Baseline events supercharge your physical, emotional and spiritual performance. It’s a raw, unfiltered, authentic, evolutionary experience— designed to reboot your body’s internal intelligence systems.

Start Your Journey

Arête seeks out individuals looking to scale the highest peaks of their mind and body. We unite around a shared vision to create new programs, initiatives and offerings for people that want to expand their mind, body and soul.

Arête Lifelab has forged strategic partnerships around the globe to offer one-of-a-kind
experiences to help us reconnect with the most meaningful areas of our lives.