Baseline Event

Baseline Core: Rediscover The Complete Human Experience

15 spaces are available for the inaugural Baseline Core event. Located in Big Bear, California, the program will guide participants on their journey back to their natural set point of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. This is a biologic wake up call; you will begin to craft stillness of the mind.   10% discount available for current Arête Lifelab members.


Fee $2500 : Fees include: CGM sensor, ketosis breath acetone monitor, journal, lodging, event clothing and event shoes

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We’re excited that you’ve taken the first steps to return to Baseline. You’ll receive an email with important information about your registration. For more information contact us.

The Baseline Core Experience

For anyone who’s searching for the fountain of youth and seeking to truly activate their human ecosystem, the 3-day intensive experience is design to rapidly provide access to optimal metabolic performance.

  • Safety- Baseline begins here— if you feel safe, you will succeed
  • Trust- trust in yourself and others will release your innate capabilities
  • Control- without it you won’t surrender— it occurs through detection without awareness
  • Surrender- with a little help from your friends you will arrive day by day
  • Stillness- this will be your greatest achievement throughout the event
  • Balance- literally and metaphorically created by you
  • Flow- not static; moving— you learn to create it at will and find it on demand
  • Freedom- rarely achieved in today’s world; this is one of Baseline’s anchor experiences
  • Achievement- different from conquest and congratulatory rhetoric; it arrives consciously during the event— and subconsciously in the days, weeks and months following the event
  • Power- true power comes only in the face of danger, risk and uncertainty. Develop your mindfulness so you can demonstrate your power 
  • Intent- Once through Baseline Core you can apply your “tested” intent in any area of your life