Baseline Expeditions


A Baseline Expedition

Normally a 30 day expedition, the Arete Lifelab is choreographing a two week siege up to 7000 meters in the Nepal Everest region this November using the HAS™ (Human Adaptation System) developed by Tony Molina the founder of Arête Lifelab.

To adjust to the accelerated partial pressure changes of high altitude, the expedition members will combine the strategies of Cellular Nutritional Ketosis with the Rejuvenation Biotechnologies of Harmonic Vibration via (Powerplate), Osteogenic Loading through (Biodensity) and Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning (CVAC pod).

This is a cutting edge approach to solve the problem and effects of high altitude in Alpinism with the biology of aging, longevity and biotechnology fused approach.    


If you consider yourself a maven, are curious, can somewhat sing, slackline, play cards or backgammon and dabble in Tai Chi, you can apply for a spot on this year’s fall 2021 expedition. There are only two team spots remaining. The deadline for accepting applications is September 30th, 2021.

The Team

Adrian Crane

A real life Ernest Shackleton, Adrian is a legend in the world of Expedition Competition. Adrian is the consummate explorer pitting himself at his technical limits on Ama Dablam’s southwest ridge.

Martin Burns

Born in Africa, grew up in the UK, and lived in Australia, Martin is a CEO and jetsetter in the world of healthcare, knowledge, and climbing. He has climbed internationally and all through California’s best rock and alpine environments.

Tony Molina

Scientist, Researcher, Director, Writer, Alpinist, Warrior, Tony, aka the Jaguar, has created the Human Adaptation System™ (HAS) that will be showcased on Ama Dablam. He is the creator of Baseline™, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of the Arete Lifelab and the world’s primary investigator into the rate limiting steps in human performance.

Joseph Baribeau

A lion in the world of finance, Joey Bones has been known to kick out fourteeners at the blink of an eye while dialing in tuned up P&L’s for investment startups. Father of three, Jobo is a leading environmental activist and a philanthropic inspiration.