Achieve new heights. The word “Arête” refers to both a sharp mountain ridge and the Ancient Greek virtue of “excellence.” Here, the boundless majesty of the former inspires a passion for the latter.

Tony Molina, Founder


Tony began his experience and education as an Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine Team Leader in the first Gulf War during Operation Desert Storm, as a U.S. Navy Diver and leader of Marines. Tony then raced as a professional athlete on the elite professional expedition competition racing circuit producing life affirming achievements during nonstop, 24 hours a day, weeklong adventure races held around the world the most famous being Mark Burnett’s Eco Challenge and the Infamous Raid Gauloises which were held in remote locations in the world requiring world class skill in over 10 disciplines.

Tony is releasing his first book on programming longevity this spring 2024; a beginning treatise that contributes to the longevity and biology space providing the means and language for culture and society to grasp the infrastructure in influencing well span, health span and lifespan.

Tony is a teacher, speaker, facilitator, thought leader and author that has conducted practical longevity research at high altitude for decades throughout Volcano Alley in South America in the Andes of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, in Africa on Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro, along the Cascades and High Sierras in California and most currently in the Himalayas in Nepal on Ama Dablam- 23,000 feet working out the effects of hypoxia, pressure and metabolism in humans and the responses to rapid ascent/descent at altitude. Tony has created the human adaptation system (HAS) from this firsthand research of years of successful rapid ascent to extreme altitude currently having just climbed Ama Dablam in ten days: normally a thirty-day expedition.

Tony has helped thousands of people navigate the longevity eco space including Lykke Li, Peter Guber, Roma Downey, and Mark Burnett. Tony is also the Senior Research and Development Specialist at Powerplate, the leaders in whole body vibration.

Our Mission

Improve the biology of aging through biotuning technologies and methodologies one body and mind at a time achieving the longevity escape velocity.

We make total mind-body wellness as intuitive, accessible, and energizing as possible. From fitness veterans to enthusiastic newcomers, all of our clients are empowered to maximize their potential and achieve transformative results.

This is accomplished through our science-based approach to wellness; rather than tackle mental, emotional, and physical strength separately, our holistic technology and techniques elevate all three together.

Our Vision

Redefine wellness culture through science and support. By moving beyond traditional techniques and philosophies, we are constantly pushing to achieve more.

At Arête, self-improvement is more than a mindset, it is a way of life; one which we bolster with game-changing equipment and training. Because this is a wellness facility, not a gym, we know that every unique member has unique ambitions. Our capabilities are personalized for every individual that we work with, in order to help them achieve their specific goals on their terms.

Our Guiding Principle

Believe In The Best Version Of You.

Our five core values speak to both our current identity and our aspirations for the future. These are the beliefs that define our idealized self — beliefs that both we and all our members strive to achieve.

  1. Achieve Metabolic Flexibility: A key to your health and longevity; create it. 
  2. State of Readiness: Learn to Thrive not just Survive.  
  3. Self Regulation: depends on having a friendly relationship with your body
  4. Stillness of the Mind: This can be one of your greatest achievements.  
  5. Trust Your Body’s Intelligence: Nature is the intelligence and the source; science is the enabler and hope.