Nature is the source. Science is the way.

Arête Lifelab biotuning studios offer a variety of therapies and services using proven rejuvenation methods and cutting edge modalities that accelerate personal growth and recovery. From photobiomodulation (red light and near infrared therapy), cold immersion, metabolic analysis via PNOE and harmonic vibration, Arête Lifelab gets you moving through life in less time with greater results.

LifeLab Modalities:

1. Breathing– Sustainable wellness requires high-functioning respiration. Develop complete respiratory performance with transition to septum breathing, HRV monitoriing, post exercise ketosis, REHIT, complete PNOE metabolic analysis and spirotiger capacity training.

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Life and respiration are synonymous. Your lungs are both the protection and portal to healthy respiration.

2. Fasting – Fasting puts you in charge of your metabolism. Take control of your body through 16/8, 5:2, time-restricted, fasting mimicking, and targeted intermittent fasting activating AMPK and Sirtuin longevity pathways.

Fasting helps confront your anxieties. Once mastered, it’s an avenue to experience liberation, power and self control.

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3. Biome – Jumpstart regeneration and cellular repair by improving your microbiome. Eliminate allergies, fear, asthma, anxiety, leaky gut and gluten intolerance.

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The human body’s ecosystem can become contaminated from chronic exposure to toxins and improper nutrition.

4. Sensory – Improving your cognitive, circulatory and emotional performance is the basis wellness. Stimulate your systems through light, temperature, visual and auditory therapies.

Long-held beliefs can limit performance through false perceptions that can manifest as metabolic conditions, chronic pain and disease.

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5. Skeletal – Bone health is the foundation for posture,  performance and blood production. Win the fight against gravity, pain and aging.

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Sustainable wellness is based on proper mechanical body function.